Steady Tempo

A well-trodden path has appeared in the snow. We travel this route daily, with horse and sledge. The length of the steps and the tempo always remain steady.

Hard Rime

Hard rime in the fur and the day is breaking. We have an exciting year ahead of us. Spring and summer courses are being planned as we speak. There will be courses in driving, youth horse training and other events linked to our cultural history.

Are you interested in personal development and want to engage in powerful energies, breaking old mind patterns and starting wandering your life from a new place within you? There is always the opportunity to book a healing session or a relaxing massage.

Keep checking out the website. More information will follow soon. Welcome!

Cultural Heritage

A living cultural heritage. Bozita, a north swedish draft horse and a good representative of the breed. We perserve our history and knowledge, and continue the work with these amazing draft horses. We train horses and future coachmen in a cultural environment with traces of history. Welcome!

Light defeats Darkness

The light overcomes the darkness. Keep your own light alive and do not let the shadow of others fall over you. Tomorrow we celebrate Midwinter Solstice, I thank you for the past year and invite the new one. Tthe light that slowly returns is welcome.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2018!