Your Inner Journey

See your gifts and your possibilities. For you who want to break inhibitory mind patterns, get out of old wheel tracks and start wandering your life from a new place within you. Here you develop your spirituality, strengthen your contact with Mother Earth, the stars and your true self. The mountain farm keeps a nice energy and the silence embraces.

Driving draft horses

An introduction course where you can drive draft horses. You get an insight into the driving culture and get involved in a very old natural heritage. You will meet the North Swedish Horse, one of Sweden's native races. The horse has contributed to our Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland and has laid the foundation for our well-being.

Living on a mountain farm

By horse and trolley we travel to reach our goal, the mountain farm. Here you will find the deep forests, nature's spirit, the wild animals and activities with a strong connection to our history. Here you can listen to the silence and have an experience for life.